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EFFECTIVE April 21, 2021

PLEASE NOTE: Firearms shipped to Gun Runner are NOT available for pickup until you are contacted by our staff. Delivery Confirmation from UPS/Fed-Ex etc does NOT mean that the guns have been logged into our books and are ready for pickup. Guns are logged into our books in the order they are received, and may not always be available the same day. Please do not show up to receive transfers until you have spoken with our staff.


$35 for first gun
$15 per additional gun
Additional gun fees apply for multiple guns picked up at one time. Multiple guns picked up over multiple visits will incur the standard $35 fee each. 
2 guns picked up same day = $50
2 guns picked up on separate days = $70

Gun Runner LLC primarily accepts transfers from licensed FFL dealers & manufacturers only. Transfers from private individuals in other states require prior approval, and we reserve the right to refuse any transfer at our discretion. We do not charge a premium for transferring guns from other dealers that we also have in stock in our store, but keep in mind that most often you will save money by avoiding the fees involved in shipping a gun from another dealer and simply purchasing the gun on site instead. Either way, we are more than happy to assist you in your transfer. Also note that guns purchased at will not be subject to the $35 transfer fee and will ship to our location free of charge.


Gun Runner will provide a copy of our FFL to the transferring FFL via email only. We cannot accept faxed copies of licenses. We will NOT provide a copy of our FFL to any customer; it must be sent directly to the other dealer.

Please do NOT arrange a transfer without FIRST contacting Gun Runner. Guns that arrive without contact info for the transferee will sit in our vault until we can verify who the correct recipient is. Guns received without a valid FFL enclosed will be held until the proper license is received from the transferring dealer.

Firearms transfers being shipped OUT by Gun Runner to another dealer will ship 1-2 business days after they are received. If customers do not provide a sturdy, suitable box for shipping it may delay our processing. NO insurance will be added to shipments unless specified and paid for by the customer. We will ONLY ship to FFL dealers, after receiving a copy of their FFL license. In addition to our FFL Transfer Fee, customers are responsible for ALL shipping charges, including insurance, delivery confirmation, adult signature fees, etc….WE DO NOT SHIP FIREARMS TO CALIFORNIA or NEW YORK.

Please contact our gun department to arrange a FFL Transfer or with any questions about the transfer process.



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